22nd Jul 2021

New Product Rep! Bud MacKenzie Joins The Team

Born in Flin Flon Manitoba and moved with my family as my dad searched for work throughout
Manitoba, Saskatchewan, BC and Alberta until settling into Red Deer AB at the age of 8 and have been in
Alberta for most of my life.

Father of three children, 2 boys and a daughter. All have been taught to shoot and enjoy the sport of
clay targets, with my oldest son enjoying Pheasant hunting with his dad.

My Grandfather was a gunsmith in Flin Flon, so to say that shooting, guns, and hunting is part of my
heritage, well this is true. My first 22 was given to me at Christmas when I was 10. My grandfather
taught me the basics of firearm safety and how to shoot with good ol’ iron sights.
My Grandfather was also a duck hunter. So, hunting in the fall was pretty much a given, consequently
my love for wing shooting and shotgunning was at this time, bred into me.

I have always had a love for the outdoors. Learning to instruct skiing at 18 and making a career of it into
my 30’s. I have taught canoeing and kayaking along with the kids sports of Hockey and Baseball.
As my love for shotgunning has grown, the sport of clay targets has now become a passion. Obtaining
my certification from the NSCA for shotgun instruction in 2019, I have started down the path of taking
this sport to all the new and the younger generation of shooters. It is with great pleasure that I
introduce people from all walks of life to the sport of shooting. Although I am not a Master class
shooter, I continue to learn from instructors around the continent to improve not only my own
shotgunning skills, better instruction techniques and to obtain my own Master Class status. Taking a new
shooter that has absolutely no experience with firearms, educating them with safe handling practices
and getting them to hit and smash a clay target. Well you just can’t wipe the smile off their face.

Extremely rewarding for both student and instructor. Just ask my girlfriend, she’s still smiling as she
continues to shoot and we even make a Vegas holiday out of it.

I am extremely proud of the shooting sports and together with Canada First Ammo Corp, we can
introduce more and more people into the firearms community.

I look forward to becoming an ambassador for Canada First Ammo Corp and will proudly fly the colors at
all my own shooting events and functions.