Eley Force 22 LR

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Class in the form of .22 LR

The cream of the crop 22 LR fellas! Eley Force 22 LR is the current ammunition of choice for Nationals and for competition shooters across North America!

Eley force is a high-velocity round designed for power and smooth cycling through semi-automatics. Utilizing a new propellant, this ammunition accelerates 42 grains of power to supersonic velocity to deliver extreme accuracy and knockdown! Additionally, bullets are covered in a beeswax-based lubricant and rounded to assist in chambering and magazine feeding. This round is specifically designed for high-level competitive semi-automatic shooting. If it's good enough for the best, it's good enough for you!


  • Velocity: 1250 FPS
  • Energy: 144.7 ft-lbs
  • Bullet Type: 42 grain Round Nose (RN)
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22 LR
1250 FPS