Eley Sport 22 LR

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The most consistant 22 LR you can find! 

Eley is the cream of the crop in 22 LR manufacturing fellas! Their rounds are used in competition shootings across North America and Europe and are consistently the ammunition of choice for many competition shooters!

Eley Sport has been manufactured with strict specifications! Eley uses electronic visual inspection and rigorous testing to create the most statistically consistent 22 LR round in the world! If you’re looking for consistency and accuracy in the form of a 22 LR, you cant get better then the Eley Sport 22 LR!


  • Velocity: 1090 FPS
  • Energy: 105.6 ft-lbs
  • Bullet Type: 40 grain Round Nose (RN)
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22 LR
1090 FPS