KP Rifle Aluminum Brass Deflector for WK180 Rifles

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KP Rifle Aluminum Brass Deflector for WK180 Rifles - GEN 1 Only

The ABD-WK180 is our new flagship product. Machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum and Type III Hardcoat Anodized, our Aluminum Brass Deflector for the WK-180 series rifle will provide a lifetime of service and dramatically improve ejection pattern. It is low profile and free of sharp edges. 

Specific advantages:

• A high quality addition to the WK-180 rifle. Machined and hardcoated aluminum deflector is extremely rugged, and will not bend, break, or fail under harsh conditions.
• Deflector is low profile and snag free in all directions.
• Deflection face is generously rounded to provide maximum deflection of hot brass, while minimizing denting of fired cases. This is beneficial for those who reload.
• Cases are deflected forward of the user, approximately 30° off bore axis. This also allows left handed uses to easily use the WK180 without fear of brass coming back at them.
• Factory rifle (without brass deflector) tends to spray brass perpendicular to the bore, and approximately 30° forward and aft of that axis. This behavior makes left handed use difficult and uncomfortable. This ejection pattern also tends to pelt neighboring range users with hot brass.
• The only downside is that the user cannot install the charging handle on the right-hand side of the firearm. Doing so will almost certainly result in major damage to numerous components.

Basic Specs:

• CNC Machined 6061-T6 Aluminum, Type III Hardcoat Anodized
• Designed and Manufactured in Canada
• Product weight: 20g
• Shipping weight: 55g

Included in the box:

• (1) ABD-WK180 Aluminum Brass Deflector
• (1) ABD-WK180 Aluminum Brass Deflector Backer
• (2) #8-32x3/8” Flat Head Socket Cap Screw
• (1) 3/32 Short Arm Hex Key
• (1) Installation Instructions Sheet