KP Rifle Low Stock Adapter for WK180 Gen 1 Rifles

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KP Rifle Low Stock Adapter: Change your WK stock geometry with ease

Designed to work with the WK-180 Gen 1 series of rifle only.

Our adapter is compatible with any AR15 stock, including all folding stock adapters and lock plates. The adapter has no sharp or protruding edges and lowers the stock by about 5/8” compared to the factory adapter. This allows you to mount scopes and other sighting devices closer to the bore and permits greater flexibility in stock adjustment and scope ring selection.

Users are no longer obligated to use extra-high or AR specific rings to achieve a proper sight picture. It is the same thickness (3/4”) as the factory adapter and does not change the length of pull. It also changes the appearance of the rifle, and its shape more closely resembles that of the original AR18/AR180B rifles. Machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum, Type III Hardcoat Anodized. Designed and manufactured in Canada.

Specific advantages:

• All sighting devices can be mounted lower. Large 50mm target scopes can be lowered by up to 3/8” (compared to standard 1.5”-1.54” AR15 height rings/mounts), compact (40mm class) and LPVOs can be lowered by 1/2” or more and use medium rings. When sighting devices are close to the bore, canting the rifle has a lessened effect on the Point of Impact, and also makes it easier to zero the scope and engage targets at close range.
• If the user finds that the factory stock height and the required extra high rings still aren’t high enough for their comfort, this adapter can be used to lower the stock height instead of resorting to risers or trying to source ultra-high (anything over ~1.5” high) rings.
• Stocks with adjustable cheekpieces have more meaningful adjustment and are no longer working near or at their minimum adjustment position.
• Users who prefer a straighter head position, or users who require or prefer a lower heel/butt/toe can effectively use the adapter to achieve that goal. This may be preferable when compared to an adjustable stock that costs substantially more, or the effect can be combined with an adjustable stock for even greater comfort.

Basic Specs:

• CNC Machined 6061-T6 Aluminum, Type III Hardcoat Anodized
• Designed and Manufactured in Canada
• Product weight: 44g
• Shipping weight: 90g

Included in the box:

• (1) LSA-WK180 Low Stock Adapter
• (1) ¼”-28x1/2” Button Socket Cap Screw
• (1) 5/32 Short Arm Hex Key
• (1) Installation Instructions Sheet