Mission Statement

Our Mission, Vision and Values


At Canada First, we strive to carry a Canadian-made option for every product and use. To help incentivize supporting local, reward points are only earned on domestically manufactured items. Check out the Canadian-made catalog for eligible products.

Why Canadian?  We have some great brands here that provide both quality and affordable products. Many of them are lesser known but a worthy alternative to anything coming out of the US (or worse).

While we do carry import items, our focus is on improving our Canadian selection and making it easy to keep your dollars in Canada.


There is no excuse to not have a great online firearms shopping experience in 2022. With a fast website, great user experience, and instant customer support we aim to be the gold standard for online shopping in the industry.


CFAC strives to provide up-and-comers with all of the tools they need to succeed and grow in the work of shooting. We strive for growth, education and fun, all while pushing lead down range.


It's expensive... we know. By running a lean, online-focused store CFAC aims to grow the sport by providing the best prices possible. Old boys and new shooters alike to leave the range with a little extra jingle in their pocket.