Norinco NZ75 Surplus 9mm Pistol

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From China, With Copyright Infringement

The NZ-75 is a Chinese-made 9x19mm Parabellum handgun manufactured by Norinco. It is actually a copy of the Italian Fratelli Tanfoglio TZ-75, which was a direct copy of the Czechoslovakian CZ-75 pistol. This results in the NZ-75's being an indirect CZ-75 clone, in a similar vein to something like the Jericho (which coincidentally also based its design off of the Tanfoglio TZ-75).

Due to global pressure during the Cold War, the CZ-75 pistol design never managed to secure world patent protection. This led to a number of nations making their own versions of the CZ platform. The Italian-made TZ-75 was created and marketed to western markets, and the NZ-75 appeared shortly afterwards based on the TZ-75 design. The NZ-75 is produced purely for export purposes, and it is currently not in service in any Chinese military forces/policing agencies


  • Very Good Condition
  • Steel Frame
  • 4.5" Barrel
  • Comes with a single new CZ magazine (capacity of 15 pinned to 10)
  • Chambered in 9mm


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