Type 81 LMG 7.62x39mm

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Welcome to the Type 81:

  • Semi auto rifle
  • Cheap ammo available
  • Communist

Now you can own the T81 LMG as a mark of freedom (or at least the limited freedom we have left). Get one before the grabbers do.

The rifle is cosmetically influenced on the Chinese license produced AK-47, but features a SKS-like short-stroke gas-piston design with improvements which reduce the recoil and muzzle jump. This lends to better firing accuracy.

The LMG model has a thicker and longer chrome lined barrel, which is good for corrosive ammo and for better retained accuracy during high volume firing. Additionally, the front site is extended to provide a longer site radius. Lastly, it features a folding integrated bi-pod, which is unnecessary as you should be shooting garbage ammo from the 70's.

The Type 81 can be extensively upgraded. It can be fitted with a Picatinny rail, bipod, foregrip, spaghetti strainer, flashlight, and much more.

Contact if issues arise.