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At Canada First Ammo Corp. we strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction. We'd be happy to answer any questions or help with returns through a phone call, live chat or email. Additionally you are able to submit an automated returns form by logging into your user account.


Humble Beginnings of Canada First Ammo

For Dave and Lucas, a business emphasizing Canadian-made goods is a keystone to building our firearms industry and ensuring a vibrant community for years to come. Whether building local business's from scratch, or starting firearms clubs at post-secondary campus's across the country, there has always been an emphasis on spreading the passion.
After a year in operations the company has grown from a small operation out of the NW Calgary, expanding twice to new locations and bringing on staff every step of the way. Being new to the game we are free to follow our values, putting customer service and locally made products at the forefront of the corporate mission.
Putting Canada First Circa. 2020
Based out of Calgary, Canada First Ammo Corp. is an ammunition and firearm retailer who puts Canadian-made products first while offering competitive prices. In today's world we believe that putting money in our fellow Canadians pockets and providing a local option is important and matters to consumers.

The ultimate goal of the company is to feed the ammo & firearms needs of all gun owners by offering easy access to firearms, ammunition and accessories. Overall we wish to grow the size of the community to change perspectives on our sport and get more fellas out shooting! Putting Canada First, to give every shooter more value.